Note To Apple: 27m Will Buy A Tablet, And It Might Not Be Yours

A new survey out of Forrester reports 14 per cent of Americans plan on purchasing a tablet device next year - that's 27 million people. Perhaps more interestingly, many of these millions are looking beyond Apple's belle of the ball.

The study should provide comfort for Apple's rivals hoping to throw their own devices into the ring against the iPad. Only 3.8 per cent of future buyers said they were wedded to an iPad, meaning the hearts of most buyers can still be won by the likes of HP and Dell.

Also reported were findings that should dispel the iPad is for my clueless, simple mum talk - current owners are largely high-earning, educated males who are likely to travel for business. Apple device still dominates the tablet market, with almost 3.5 million iPads sold since it launched in April ago, but the evidence is mounting that its success has at least something to do with being the only show in town. [Wired]

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