Nike's Got 'Back To The Future II' Sneaker Patents

They're the ultimate pipe dream of shoedom: Back to the Future II Nike Air Mags. I mean, they're self-lacing, for goodness sake. And Nike's patented the technology to make them real, charging station included.

We've already seen someone make a power laces prototype, but those were one-offs encumbered by bulky motor on the heel. Taking a stroll through these patents reveals a much more elegant solution:

Of course, the patents could just be defensive, etc. But power laces, guys! They'd be crazy not to manufacture these, if it's at all possible. And even crazier not to follow up with a hoverboard. [WIPO via NiceKicks]

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    I came.

    unless nike designed the originals for BttF II surly they cant patent it.

    The charging station is a bit of a waste. Couldn't that work out a way to charge from movement? Compression of steps?

    The shoes in the Back to the Future II movie were clearly marked 'Nike'.

    this is so epic, i hope they actually come out, u will be the envy of all your friends with a pair of these on

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