Next Big iTunes Update To Be Social Web-Based Site, Not Cloud-Based Service?

Too many headlines have focused on iTV and new iPods for the upcoming Apple event that the cloud-based iTunes has almost slid into obscurity. Almost. AllThingsD's sources say to forget about a streaming service and start thinking social.

Citing industry executives, Peter Kafka scribed today that while Apple hasn't yet inked deals with the various record labels for new licenses for a streaming service, they still very much have iTunes on the brain. In fact, what they're supposedly working on now is a web-based iTunes where users can share their love of choons with one another, but not actually stream songs or share songs.

In other words, it will be a social recommendation version of iTunes where you can't actually listen to songs. It could pair up with Twitter, Facebook et al, allowing for pesky "Kat Hannaford is listening to Copacabana by Barry Manilow on iTunes, download it here" type updates.

AllThingsD has also heard whispers of some form of wireless-syncing of music and media, enabling even easier transfer of songs from MacBooks to iPhones. No cables? [AllThingsD]

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