New Nanotech Display Has Pixels 8x Smaller Than iPhone 4's

A research team at the University of Michigan has created a new even-higher-high-definition screen technology, using nano-sized manufacturing processes to reduce pixel size - and simplify the screen-making process.

The technology behind it is all very... small. Extremely tiny slits cut into very thin metal layers allow different parts of the light spectrum though, with the gaps between the cuts - ranging between 25 and 360 nanometres apart - displaying the red, blue and green light that makes our popular TV shows and internet content come to life. The new technology also does away with the need for the polariser layer found in today's screens, making this potentially cheaper to produce.

The above image is the university's logo displayed on the screen technology. It's nine microns high. We've blown it up a bit so it shows up on today's low-res internet. [TG Daily]

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