New iPhone, iPad Rumour Barrage

iLounge claims that a "highly reliable source" has told them quite a few details about some new gadgets coming from Apple, including a new iPhone that will finally fix the antenna problem, which allegedly will be released in early 2011.

I was hoping for October, after Steve Jobs's insinuations at the latest press conference, but according to them, no dice. They say, however, that this is hard to believe. I want to believe it.

They also claim that new iPods are also coming as "early as this month or as late as September". This will include a new iPod touch, a new nano and a 1.7-inch touchscreen version of the iPod shuffle. The iPod touch, they say, will have half an inch less screen than the current one. Why would Apple use a smaller display when they can enjoy the iPhone 3.5-inch Retina display's economies of scale is beyond me.

Their source says that a smaller iPad will be released, this one including a 7-inch display instead of the 9.7-inch one, which I find hard to believe too.

What I don't find hard to believe is their tip about Apple trying to reduce the cost of their bumpers, so they don't have to invest so much money in their free iPhone 4 bumpers giveaway. [iLounge]

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