New Chatroulette: Up, Half-Broken, Still Mostly Sausage-Based

The new version of Chatroulette has gone live today, and if you were expecting a brave new world free of men suspiciously pointing their webcams further down than the manufacturer recommends, you're out of luck.

As before, the interface is seriously lacking. The 'Next' button is a huge, unnamed bar, plenty of sex-themed adverts still persist, it crashes about once every five minutes, plus there's nothing in the way of new options to censor things. It's still the same wild, very sick world we've come to know and never go near.

On the plus side, it now puts your own face into a small, embedded window, so you don't have to look at yourself while you're doing it. You can also select default web cams and microphones, as if Chatroulette fans care about technical features. It's half-broken and looks awful, but if you keep clicking you never know what you might find. [TechCrunch]

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