Nanotech First Claimed By LG’s LEX8 LED TV

Nanotech First Claimed By LG’s LEX8 LED TV

It looks like nanotech-based screen technology is nearer than we thought – LG’s claiming its upcoming LEX8 adds “NANO Lighting Technology” to its new top-end LED backlit TV model, the LG LEX8.

LG’s press release doesn’t go into any hardcore technical detail about how this makes its standard LED backlighting any better, simply claiming the new set produces “brighter, clearer and smoother” pictures. The end result is a TV only .88cm thick, which is 0.34 of a standard imperial inch. [LG]



With TVs, Home theatre Systems, Blu-ray Disc™ Players and Projectors, LG Brings Every Element of Home Entertainment Together in its Complete 3D Collection

SEOUL, Aug. 30, 2010 – At this year’s IFA, LG Electronics (LG) is showing participants at the 2010 IFA tradeshow how it’s staying ahead of the 3D curve. Showcasing a range that includes everything from the very latest in NANO FULL LED and Plasma TVs, to Home theatre Systems and Blu-ray Disc™ Players, to the only complete selection of 3D projectors, LG is embracing the 3D revolution with products that offer the perfect 3D entertainment experience for every occasion and every setting.

FULL LED and Plasma 3D TVs: The Ultimate 3D Viewing Experience

By releasing market-leading sets in an array of different versions, LG is offering customers 3D TVs that are ideally suited to their needs. Top of the range is LG’s new LEX8, the world’s slimmest (0.88cm) and narrowest bezel (1.25cm) FULL LED TV. In a world first for the TV industry, the LEX8 adds NANO Lighting Technology to LG’s FULL LED backlighting to produce pictures that are brighter, clearer and smoother than ever before. Also on show are the new LEX9, which boasts the biggest LED LCD screen yet at a mouth-watering 72 inches, and the LX9500, the world’s first FULL LED 3D TV, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

With an array of LED backlights behind the screen, LG’s FULL LED 3D TVs deliver brightness that draws out the sharpest 3D images on the market. While the entire FULL LED 3D TV range comes with localised dimming, the LEX8’s dimming function – called Micro Pixel Control – is LG’s most advanced yet, delivering a wide and rich array of colours that produce even more gripping 3D pictures. Complementing their outstanding brightness, the LEX8, LEX9 and LX9500 also come with TruMotion 400Hz, which provides an ultra-fast screen refresh rate for the most comfortable 3D images. Completing the effect, the narrow bezel INFINIA Design lets the 3D images practically burst out of the screen, for an astonishingly immersive viewing experience.

Alongside a spectacular 180-inch Plasma 3D TV prototype, LG is also displaying the PX950N, its first Plasma 3D TV and the first TV in the world to receive 3D THX Certification, the ultimate recognition for cinema-quality 3D on a TV. For a truly outstanding 3D picture, 600Hz Max Sub-field Driving ensures smooth viewing of even the fastest action sequences, while LG’s 3D Panel phases out light faster to produce images that are practically blur free.

What’s more, the Plasma set’s self-illuminating pixels enable a wider viewing angle, meaning viewers can see complete, smooth 3D images wherever they choose to sit or even lie down in the living room. In addition, the PX950N supports the Multi Picture Format (MPF) function, enabling users to connect their 3D cameras to the TV and view their 3D pictures directly on the big screen.

Along with the FULL LED models, the PX950N provides effortless, seamless connectivity through NetCast™, DLNA certification and a wireless AV link. With these functions, viewers will have access to a growing range of 3D movies and shows, whether they’re online or stored in home digital libraries.

3D Blu-ray Home theatre Systems: Immersive Sound and Vision

Delivering the pinnacle of sound quality, LG’s HX995TZ and HLX55W offer a perfect platform for 3D movies and immersive, cinematic sound, along with the connectivity options of NetCast™ and DLNA.

Leading the way is the HX995TZ, a top-of-the-range Blu-ray Home theatre System whose exquisite wall-mountable design blends right in with practically any environment. With 1,100 watts of output, the HX995TZ delivers a truly room-filling sound. For consumers looking for the 3D Home theatre experience on a slightly smaller scale, LG also offers the HX995DF, with 2.1 Ch and 560 watts of output.

Cutting a more compact but no less enticing figure is LG’s HLX55W 3D Blu-ray sound bar. Comprising a stylish single black bar with a vertical Blu-ray Disc™ Player in its centre, the HLX55W delivers 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Playback accompanied by 430-watt audio output and 4.1 Ch full surround sound. Rounding out the home theatre systems is the new HX900, LG’s first Real 3D Sound Home theatre System, which embraces a completely new concept in home audio to produce a sound as deep and life-like as any 3D image.

3D Blu-ray Disc™ Players: Perfect Playback, Fabulous Features

LG has also beefed up its video equipment with three superb 3D-friendly models, the HR550, the BD590 and the BX580. Along with Blu-ray Disc™ Playback that is equally outstanding in 2D or 3D, the HR550 comes with built-in DVB-T/C/S tuners that eliminate the need for a digital set-top box. The tuners also make it possible for viewers to record a show or movie on one channel – including in 3D – while simultaneously watching a Blu-ray disc. For people who don’t need so much storage space, the BD590 offers all the same superb functions as the HR550, with the sole exception of built-in HDD.

Also a perfect fit for LG’s 3D TV range, the BX580 lets users enjoy a variety of 3D content in the Blu-ray format, while retaining outstanding 2D playback as well. In common with the HR550, the BX580 is also equipped with the superb connectivity options of NetCast™ and DLNA.

3D Projectors: Bringing 3D Cinema Home

Increasing the 3D options still further, LG’s two 3D projectors – the only selection to offer both Dynamic and CINEMA 3D – bring all the wonder of the 3D cinema experience into the home.

The world’s first one-body, dual-engine CINEMA 3D projector transmitting FULL HD pictures, the CF3D can project an exceptional 2D or 3D picture with a diagonal span that stretches up to 200 inches. With TruMotion 100Hz practically eliminating image blur and 3D Auto Picture Calibration creating optimal brightness and colour, the CF3D delivers a crisp, stunning blur-free picture. The CF3D also comes with six free pairs of glasses, meaning users can comfortably watch its wall-covering 3D projection in the company of family and friends.

Also at this year’s IFA is the BX327, a Dynamic 3D-type (DLP Link 3D Technology) 3D Projector with a picture boasting a diagonal span of up to 150 inches. Delivering the outstanding brightness of 3,200 ANSI-lumens and the superb colours and contrast of 0.55″ DMD, the BX327 also produces a beautifully sharp 2D or 3D picture with crisp, perfectly aligned edges. Also, among projectors using DLP Link 3D Technology, the BX327 is the only one with HDMI, meaning users can enjoy 3D images without 3D-compatible graphic cards.