Mum Arrested For Facebook Pic Of Bong-Smoking Baby

That's right, there is a picture of Rachel Stieringer's baby taking some wicked bong rips. She was arrested for posting the picture on Facebook.

Before you freak out: The baby passed a drug test, so this was obviously a staged shot. Anyway, there's no way a baby has the fine motor control necessary to handle the slide and clear a bong properly. I mean, please.

Obviously, this 19-year-old mum won't be winning any mother-of-the-year awards anytime soon, but she is only dealing with a count of possession of drug paraphernalia, so she should be back to caring for this budding scholar in no time.

But for real, this might seem like lousy parenting now, but just wait until this kid is, say, 22. He'll have a picture of himself as a baby smoking a bong. And if that isn't the most amazing goddamned thing your mum could provide for you two decades in advance, I'd love to know what is. [Palm Beach Post]

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