Motorola Won't Be Focusing On MOTOBLUR Brand Much Longer

The future of MOTOBLUR is a bit murky based on what Motorola co-CEO Dr Sanjay K. Jha had to say recently, but it sounds like he's mainly discussing the brand name itself rather than the concept:

With MOTOBLUR, we have found that being able to convey the value proposition around MOTOBLUR is not an easy thing to do in a 30-second ad spot. We have decided that we will focus on the value proposition of products and not MOTOBLUR as a brand name in its own right. MOTOBLUR continues to be important and I think you will see increased functionality in MOTOBLUR. This notion of push-Internet is going to be very important to us, but as a brand name, which we make matter in front of consumers as a brand name, I don't think that's going to be our focus going forward, but we see the experiences that we deliver is being relevant and differentiating us.

Basically we'll still get the features, we just won't call it MOTOBLUR anymore. [Android and Me via Engadget]

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