Mitsubishi's 3D TVs Have Inbuilt Blu-ray Players, HDD

It's no 82-incher like their last 3D TV, but Mitsubishi squeezed in an integrated Blu-ray player/recorder and HDD. Inbuilt players are usually advised against, but if you're spending $US5900 on one you've probably got cash for a standalone BDP too.

That price is for the largest model, a 55-incher, but there's also a 40-inch one for $US3500 and 46-inch model for $US4700.

No wonder the 3D TV market is in trouble in Japan, with those extortionate prices.

Making up the REAL MDR1 range, the three models are all identical, save for their sizes. That includes LED backlighting, a 1GB HDD, DIATONE speaker system (with 10 speakers), one USB port, an SD card slot and a pair of 3D glasses. Not to mention that integrated Blu-ray player/recorder.

On sale October 21 in Japan, worldwide launch deets haven't arrived just yet. [AV Watch via CrunchGear]

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