Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Coming Next Month

Microsoft Hardware has been teasing what looks like a giant black eraser through its Twitter account lately. But! Neowin has connected some dots and come up with a likely explanation: Microsoft's Arc Mouse is about to get all touchy.

It all makes sense, really. Microsoft's Magic Mouse competitor rumours burbled up just last month, when it was discovered that Microsoft had registered the URL and that some European retailers had already put up placeholders for the device. The reported cost, according to one online price listing: $US70.

So that all sounds about right. What's left unexplained is that flat design, which seems like it wouldn't be especially comfortable over extended use. And Neowin also reports that it won't support multitouch initially, which sounds like bringing a gnat to a mouse fight.

But some kind of Arc Touch Mouse is better than no Arc Touch Mouse, and it's about time Microsoft kept up with the Jobses here. [Neowin, Thanks Tom!]

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