Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Breaks Cover In Germany

Has German retailer Notebooksbilliger spoiled Microsoft's slow reveal of its Arc Touch mouse? It certainly appears so, based on photos and shipping info Engadget unearthed. If you think it looks nice up top, wait until you see the party trick.

The Arc Touch mouse appears to have two modes: curved for ergonomic gaming and flat for... well, there's definitely got to be a reason it can flatten.

Pretty interesting stuff and certainly looks legit based on the teaser images we'd seen so far.

As for specs, it looks as though the mouse has touch scrolling (which given the name, one would have hoped) and a 2.4GHz nano transceiver. It ships in 5-10 days for $US90. Assuming, of course, it's officially announced by then. [Notebooksbilliger via Engadget]

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