Massive Sun Halo Coronal Ejection Just Needs Some Interstellar Marshmallows

Last week, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) detected a full halo coronal mass ejection. Fortunately, the sun didn't actually burp straight into our direction, so we were safe. This is the video of it:

A "halo" cloud is one that appears to surround the Sun on all sides as it expands, meaning it is heading somewhat towards Earth or away from it. The still and movie are generated by processing the changes from one frame to the next to highlight those changes, thus, we call this a "difference movie."

Some scientists believe that the sun is ramping up its activity. That video looks like it may be needing some Prozac. But don't worry, the Astro King is still there. This is the most recent image from SOHO at the time of this article:

[NASA Goddard]

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