Mapping Your Pals With Nearby Friends: Creepy Or Fair Game?

Is Facebook Places not sufficiently immersing you in the mundanity of your friends' lives? Try Nearby Friends, an app that plots their check-ins - past and present - on Google Maps. Just don't let any of them catch you using it.

In all truth, the app - sure to be a hit among crazed, jealous ex-boyfriends everywhere - is only using information that's available because someone opted for it to be. And several other prominent location services, such as Loopt and Latitude, already make it easy to find your friends on a map. But viewing a friend's full geographical history, complete with destination-connecting lines, might raise an eyebrow among those worried about revealing too much of their whereabouts - though this set probably isn't using Places in the first place. [Nearby Friends via ReadWriteWeb]

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