Malcolm Turnbull On The Internet Filter

Malcolm Turnbull On The Internet Filter

Over the weekend, Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull held an anti-filter event in his electorate, where he promised that the filter is now, “dead, buried and cremated, and if it shows any signs of revival it will then be exorcised”. Let’s hope he’s right.

The event, which was covered in depth by Renai LeMay over at Delimiter, also consisted of Turnbull claiming that Australia doesn’t want 100Mbps broadband, as you can see in the video below:

Also at the event were Justin Milne, former BigPond boss; Paul Fletcher, a member of the Government’s Cyber-Safety Committee; and Simon Shiekh from GetUp!. All criticised the filter, as you’d expect.

But now we’re left with a dilemma. The filter’s essentially dead in the water, but the NBN is still on the table, depending on who wins into government…