Make Your iPod Sing Like A Panda (Or An Octopus)

In an alternate universe, the Panda-people plug in their iPods to speakers shaped like humans. I'm not going to tell you where the dock is though, because in this universe, we have to use our imagination. I mean, that's probably how the Gosh iPanda iPod speaker dock was invented.

With touch sensitive volume controls on the ears, two 1.5W speakers and a support for additional stereo sources via a 3.5mm jack, the iPanda is as cute as iPod docks come. It supports iPhones too - which is always nice - and runs off either mains power or four AA batteries.

If you prefer underwater creatures to endangered Chinese bears, the iOctopus offers similar functionality, with a greater sound output thanks to a 4-inch sub in the bottom. Both speakers are available for $150, but only in this universe, not the one with Panda-people.


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