Mad Catz Ambient Lighting Gear Will Probably Not Make You A Better Gamer

An expensive mouse, fine. A premium keyboard, alright. Tools of the trade. But when it comes to gaming peripherals that seem as much decorative as they are functional, it may be time to draw the line.

Lighting setups of dubious tastefulness have a long history in PC gaming culture - just look at most case mods. But the Mad Catz Cybord Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Lights are meant to actually improve your experience - at least those of the casual gamer. How? Through immersion, of course, that tried and true buzzword that press release dreams are made of.

The two Cyborg peripherals are powered by (if you can call it that) amBX technology (if you can call it that), which syncs a colourful light show with what's going on in your game. Are you in a desert? Yellow lights! Are you on fire? Red lights! You get the point. To this end, the keyboard will flash corresponding colours, belying the entire notion that you oughtn't stare at your keyboard while playing a game, or doing anything really. If you'd like coloured lights flashed directly at you, the Cyborg Gaming Lights can be positioned on your desk at a variety of angles. Colourful blasts of light from any direction sound far more distracting than immersive, but I'll admit I haven't tried the amBX experience myself.

Lighting features aside, the Cyborg keyboard does claim a superior response rate when multiple buttons are depressed, and offers the option for macro command programming. The lights, on the other hand. Well. Maybe it will be just the thing to brighten up that dreary gaming nook. [CrunchGear]

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