Ludlam Drops ‘FTW’ Into Filter Release

Ludlam Drops ‘FTW’ Into Filter Release

Credit where it’s due. When Greens Senator Scott Ludlam issued a media release supporting Joe Hockey’s statement that the Coalition would stop a mandatory internet filter, he didn’t just call it excellent news. He signed off his statement with a FTW.

The Australian Greens have welcomed the Coalition’s announcement that it will not back the ALP’s proposed internet filter, effectively drawing a line under the hugely unpopular plan.

“This is excellent news and the liberal party should be congratulated for finally declaring their hand,: said Greens communications spokesman Senator Scott Ludlam.

“Tonight belongs to the huge number of people who contributed to a tenacious self-organised campaign that stretched from online civil libertarians all the way up to the US Department of State.

“The ALP should drop the censorship proposal rather than fighting what now looks inevitable.

“The Australian Greens will work with any party in the parliament on constructive cyber safety proposals. At last that debate can start properly,” Senator Ludlam said. FTW

When I noted the rogue net acronym at the end of the release on Twitter, a member of the Greens online team stated:

I’d happily take credit, but nope, that was all Scott 🙂

GG, Senator Ludlam!