Ludlam Drops 'FTW' Into Filter Release

Credit where it's due. When Greens Senator Scott Ludlam issued a media release supporting Joe Hockey's statement that the Coalition would stop a mandatory internet filter, he didn't just call it excellent news. He signed off his statement with a FTW.

The Australian Greens have welcomed the Coalition's announcement that it will not back the ALP's proposed internet filter, effectively drawing a line under the hugely unpopular plan.

"This is excellent news and the liberal party should be congratulated for finally declaring their hand,: said Greens communications spokesman Senator Scott Ludlam.

"Tonight belongs to the huge number of people who contributed to a tenacious self-organised campaign that stretched from online civil libertarians all the way up to the US Department of State.

"The ALP should drop the censorship proposal rather than fighting what now looks inevitable.

"The Australian Greens will work with any party in the parliament on constructive cyber safety proposals. At last that debate can start properly," Senator Ludlam said. FTW

When I noted the rogue net acronym at the end of the release on Twitter, a member of the Greens online team stated:

I'd happily take credit, but nope, that was all Scott :-)

GG, Senator Ludlam!



    He used it wrong though, shoulda been

    'Constructive cyber safety proposals FTW.'

    or something like that anyway.

    lol give him a break. Its still awesome

    Well you can always rely on someone to tell people there are right and wrong ways to write like a geek.

    You've got my vote

    One bit of "good news" from the Coalition is not a vote changer for me. They have too many other policies I disagree with.

    why must it all be so hard? one company wants to give us fast internet but then slap on a filter. another wants to ditch the draconian filter but also scrap the NBN...

    Greens have my vote.

      Actually, the Coalition said they'd oppose the filter even if they didn't get in, so it looks like it's pretty much dead at this point. Still, a vote for the Greens is probably not a bad thing...

    So, if we vote for the Coalition we don't get the national broadband network, but we can say goodbye to the filter.

    If we vote labour we get sexy 100mbps fibre all over this wide brown land, but we also get stuck with the filter.


      ...or you can vote Green, Democrat or any number of the minor parties that are pro-NBN and anti-filter for the Senate, and with an ALP House you can have both (unless Conroy does something shitty like combine the two in one bill).

        Id be really happy if you prepared a how to vote card for me :p
        Below the line requires so damn much.... involvement in the electoral process. Im a bad Australian.

        @Water Bear:

    Unfortunately what politicians say before an election is not such a good predictor of what they will do if elected.

    Yeah this policy isn't really a 'winner' for Libs for the tech savy. While we might support their stance on the filter (yay for Hockey and Turnbull who have some sense) we can now safely vote green/labor and get the NBN and NO filter.

    I'd rather a miopic ideology than a completely reactionary one, but how does using nauseating net speak indicate anything other than electioneering?

    Oh he said "FTW"? Well those are the guys I want representing our nation on the political stage and working through adversity to improve our country's infrastructure. If they start yelling memes in parliament, who knows, we may be the new age superpower.

    Why is the decision between a childish and informal minister and a comically under-qualified one something to get excited about? One would implement a terrible idea against the advice of professionals and invested parties. The other would know more or less the same that we do, and patronise their way in for fear we'd get bored and disenchanted if they didn't perform the political equivalent of a fan-service. Why are we celebrating this? ;_;

    That's not fair - the Liberals started the whole Internet Filter thang!

      You are right. FTW wasn't much.

      Had he yelled out "OK LET'S DO THIS..... LEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JENNNNNNKINSSSSS" then proceeded to run into another room I would have blown so hard that it would have stopped the earth's rotation; and I don't even play WoW.

        Whups, meant to reply to Sam.

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