Logitech G700 Gaming Mouse Has 13 Buttons For People Still Addicted To WoW

The G700 isn't the follow up to the G500 I've been waiting for: It's Logitech's first MMO mouse, with 13 fully programmable buttons. Not quite as insane as some others, but it looks like you can actually hold it. [Logitech]


    I count 14 buttons?

    Scroll UP, Scroll Down, Scroll Left, Scroll Right and I assume, like other mice, the scroll wheel can be pushed in? There's 5 right there, plus the other buttons.

    Way too many buttons on a mouse, but if you like macro's, that'd be one hell of a nifty mouse. Looks pretty nice too!

      The button bellow the wheel is to let the wheel spin free or click. not programmable.

        uberoptions will probably add this to their list and make every button programmable somewhat.

          its impossible, its a mechanical button that releases a spring and bar that stop the wheel from spinning. Nothing electric!

    Still waiting for my wireless G9x.

    It's a pity wireless mice have such a bad reputation.

      I've had my MX1000 since it was released and it's still going hard. it'd take something pretty special to knock that off its perch. Definitely nothing wrong with that, and it's wireless.

      I'm still rocking my G7 and it's going like a dream.

    Yeah it's great if you're right handed. But what about left handed players?

    Would hope its a damn site more comfy than the Steelseries WoW mouse.. its terrible and took me a couple of weeks to get adjusted. Not to mention that the components are cheap and after a month the coating of the mouse starting stripping itself...

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