Living In These Lofts Is Like Living In A McDonald's Playground

I'm sure when I was younger I wanted to live in a McDonald's playground forever. Now, thanks to the imaginative Japanese, I can. These Reversible Destiny Lofts in Tokyo are basically an adult-sized playground masked as housing solutions.

The lofts have bumpy floors, uneven levels, small door openings, crawl spaces, cramped kitchens, ceiling outlets and a whole ton of wonky amenities. Take a tour inside the lofts to see:

The idea is that by living in such a unique and different space, it'll keep the residents nimble and their minds fresh. Those who want to tend to old fragile bones and stay comfortable need not apply.

I'd think these Reversible Destiny Lofts, designed by Arakawa & Gins, would make for a good holiday experience, but as a permanent home? Not so sure. [Pink Tentacle via Inhabitat]

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