Katy Perry's Huge Back Catalogue Cherrypicked For iPhone Music App

The latest celebrity to have their work and likeness pasted into the Tap Tap Revenge iPhone gaming template is Katy Perry, with Katy Perry Revenge now up for download on iTunes - if you ever listen to Katy Perry on purpose.

The game is the standard Tap Tap Revenge rhythm action (Guitar Hero clone) affair, featuring all of Perry's famous songs. Like I Kissed A Girl and... other famous songs. Has she had any other songs? If so, they'll be on here.

Buyers also "gain access to an exclusive VIP Katy Perry chat room" where you can talk about Katy Perry and, more importantly, look at photographs of Katy Perry. She's very popular on the Amazonian worship forums. It's out now for $6. [iTunes via Recombu]

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