Jenolan Caves Offering Tours In Klingon

If you like your holidays to include a certain quota of nerdism, then your next holiday needs to be at Jenolan Caves in NSW. They've just announced the world's first self-guided cave tour available in the Klingon language.

As any true Star Trek fan would know, this isn't the first encounter Jenolan Caves has had with the Star Trek universe - in the Next Generation episode 'Relics', there was a "Sydney-class" starship called the USS Jenolan. But now the tourist attraction has stepped it up a notch, offering the self-guided tour for their popular Nettle Cave available in Klingon (plus 10 other Earth-based languages).

The audio guide was recorded by Klingon scholars Michael Roney Jr (aka naHQun) and Tracy Canfield back in July and is now available for any who dare to go where no Klingon has gone before.

[Jenolan Caves]

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