Japanese Kinfolk Bicycles Finally Make Foldable Bicycles Worth A Ride

CrunchGear is right to say today's crop of "foldable bicycles" are "ugly little things with small tires." No chance I'd give up my road bike for their impractical nature. However, if they all looked like Kinfolk bikes, I might reconsider.

The first model, pictured above, is the one that most caught my eye. In this marketing shot, for all intents and purposes it looks like a traditional fixie bike, minus the ironic mustachioed rider and the burden of trying to carry it in a car to a vacation spot or other distant destination. It allegedly fits into the mall case on the upper right.

Sadly, these two models are only art concepts, although they are available for purchase. Though, as with any "art concept" that's "available for purchase," they are expensive. To procure the above "International" model you'll need $US3,815.66, mainly due to its rare nature and the fact that it and the smaller City bike were assembled by hand in Osaka by a 71-year-old "master frame builder." So there.

The City bike, if you're wondering, is only $US1,954.55. Oh, and both are in Japan from the Wallpaper bicycle company. [CNET via CrunchGear]

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