iSpot's Apple-Only Restriction Easily Hacked Away

Remember Clear's WiMax hotspot - the one allegedly "optimised" for Apple devices? And by optimised for, they meant restricted to? There's a fix for that! The iSpot is surprisingly easy to root, opening up a variety of tweaks.

Wojo details the relatively simple process (for those not scared of poking around a command line), allowing you to do neat things like lift the hotspot's MAC restrictions and prevent it from receiving autoupdates. Rooting the device will surely lead to even more inventive customisations, but in the meantime, you'll be able to use that juicy WiMax connection however you'd like.

UPDATE: Reader "Jaku" wrote to let us know that an even simpler means of rooting the iSpot is available, via a downloadable config file. [Wojo via Zatz Not Funny!]

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