iPrimus To iiNet: ‘My 1.1TB Is Bigger Than Your 1TB’

iPrimus To iiNet: ‘My 1.1TB Is Bigger Than Your 1TB’

 title=The ISP market is pretty competitive in Australia. Well, it is once you get past Telstra up there in number one. But something about iPrimus’ announcement of 1.1TB broadband plans sent through at 7pm last night sort of lacked… tact.

The new iPrimus plans include 1111GB of data each month, with 511GB peak and 600GB off-peak, and both uploads and downloads counted in the quota. Pricing for the 1.1TB plans will be $100 a month for the vanilla ADSL2+ and $120 for the Naked ADSL2+ option.

But given that the iPrimus press release came just five hours after iiNet’s 1TB plan announcement at 7pm, and tacked on 111 extra gigabytes to the plan almost haphazardly, it feels like a tactless attempt to outdo the country’s third largest ISP in a pointless pissing contest. Especially when there are unlimited data plans out there

Of course, having said that, having 1.1TB to consume each month is kind of cool, whether you’re an iiNet or an iPrimus customer…