iPhone Spy USB Stick Slurps Up Deleted Data From Any iPhone

Here's an unsettling product: the iPhone Spy Stick. It's a USB stick that, when plugged into an iPhone, can recover all sorts of info that you thought you deleted.

Everything from texts to photos to internet history is accessible by this bad boy. Just take a look:

Recover and view deleted:

* Text messages * Contacts * Call History * Graphics/Photos * Dynamic Text Data (these words are saved as dynamic text for the next time you use a unique word. Things like a person's name, the name of a restaurant, etc. are easily identifiable and can help you catch a cheater). * Voice memos * Internet history * Map history (view where the user has searched within maps (whether it's by name or address) but you can see exactly where that location is right down the the GPS coordinate). * Calendar reminders and appointments * Phone properties

Right now the $US199 dongle only works with iPhones running iOS 3.x, but a version for iOS 4 is coming in October. Great? [Brickhouse Security via Into Mobile]

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