iPhone 4 Delicious Food Cases Incorporate Bacon, Yakisoba, Tonkatsu

Gadget cases, wraps and attachments that look like food are among my favourite things in the world. These iPhone 4 food cases appeal for the same reason, even if I don't exactly know what that reason is.

You can get them at Strapya and it comes in Bento, eggs + bacon, tonkatsu and yakisoba flavours. They're all $US43.20 and will be available some time in the future. They also have iPhone 3G/3GS versions.

If you've ever been on the street in Japan, you'll notice that each fast food place has not only menus of their food displayed, but plastic renditions of that same food. My guess is that this is made from the same stuff - so it looks pretty damn realistic. I'm getting the tonkatsu version, at the very least because that's what I named my bunny. [Strapya via Into Mobile]

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