Internode Has A New UltraBundle

Internode Has A New UltraBundle
 src=Internode has just refreshed its broadband plans, which includes a new landline and ADSL2+ broadband plan called the “UltraBundle”.

The UltraBundle starts at $60 for 10GB, with 100GB costing $100, including line rental. Internode has expanded their reach for the UltraBundle by using more than 300 Optus ADSL2+ exchanges.

Naked plans have also had a bit of a refresh, with 10GB for $50 and 100GB for $110, while high quota 240GB Extreme and NakedExtreme plans have had a price cut to $90 and $110 respectively, with a bundled VoIP phone line.

Internode broadband plan overhaul unveils UltraBundle

National broadband company Internode has revised its range of ADSL2+ plans, delivering greater value to more people by aligning Optus-delivered Ultra services with its competitively priced Extreme plans.

Headlining the changes is the launch of Internode’s UltraBundle, an ADSL2+ and analogue voice bundle. Home-UltraBundle plans cost from $59.90 with a 10GB (gigabyte) data quota to $99.90 for 100GB per month. By aligning Ultra prices with its Extreme Broadband services up to 100GB, Internode is offering customers better value over a wider area, via Optus’ 300+ ADSL2+ equipped telephone exchanges.

Internode has also aligned prices for NakedUltra plans to its NakedExtreme services. Home plans cost from $49.95 per month for a Naked ADSL2+ service with 10GB data quota up to $109.90 for 100GB.

For heavy downloaders, Internode has also lopped $50 from the price of its 240GB quota Internode Extreme and NakedExtreme plans. A Home-Extreme-240 plan costs just $89.95 per month when bundled with a NodeLine telephone service while a Home-NakedExtreme-240 service costs $109.95.

Internode product manager Jim Kellett said the plan overhaul was to maintain Internode’s competitive position in the market. “We reckon these revised plans offer great value to our customers,” he said.

“As well as making our Ultra services more affordable, we’ve launched the nicely-priced UltraBundle which is available at more than 300 exchanges in the country’s major population centres. We’ve aligned prices of Ultra and Extreme plans up to 100GB to make it easier for customers to choose.

“While none of these plan changes will automatically affect existing customers, we encourage them to look at the revised plan table to ensure they are on the plan that best meets their needs. If they find something that suits them better, they are welcome to change.”

Internode has overhauled pricing throughout its broadband service range, including Home, SOHO and Business plans. Internode has also revised a number of its Standard and Fast broadband plans, with a $10 price cut for its Standard 50 GB service.

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