IKEA Surrealistika Sculpture Is A Dinner Host's Nightmare

You know that recurring nightmare, where you're supposed to cook dinner for your girlfriend's family, but all your appliances are hanging from a nearby tree? No? That's just me? Fine. IKEA's Surrealistika installation in London is dreamlike and superb nonetheless.

IKEA claims the sculpture is meant to question notions of kitchen design and prompt viewers to "think about the sustainable way of life, especially when it comes to recycling their household waste and saving water and energy."

I'm not sure it accomplishes quite that, but Surrealistika does provide a breathtaking view - particularly at night - of mundane objects of careful design that we take for granted.

The installation is located at London's Barbican Centre and will be accompanied by an IKEA-sponsored panel discussion on the future of the kitchen. [designboom]

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