iiNet Now Offering 1TB Plans

One terabyte is a lot of data. 1000 gigs. It sounds absolutely huge, which is probably what iiNet are banking on to help them to get people to sign up. But in a world with unlimited plans from TPG, AAPT and Exetel, is a terabyte really that big a deal?

The new plans include both uploads and downloads as part of the included quota, and the terabyte is actually split up over both peak and off-peak times (500GB for each). The 1TB quota is only available for the highest ADSL1 and ADSL2+ bundled plans, costing $120 and $100 respectively, although there's a data increase across the entire range of iiNet plans. That said, only customers on Naked plans will automatically get the data upgrade - everyone else will have to adjust their plan manually.

The new plans will become available on Friday, August 20.

[iiNet (PDF)]

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