If You're A Future Time Traveller Stuck In 2010, Here's The Loft For You

It's hard to believe that this loft exists in Manhattan, the city in which I currently live, in 2010, the year in which I currently exist, but the space age pad is very real, and OH MY GOD this bookshelf:

I imagine it's tough, going back to those print relics after a lifetime of reading holobooks. But I'm glad our friends from the future are adjusting to their new fourth dimensional digs.

The apartment and private gallery, which apparently can be found somewhere in Greenwich Village, was actually designed by UNStudio for some enviably wealthy fellow over the course of the last there years. Its curving walls offer ample space for the owner's private art collection, and the space is lit by 18,000 diffused LEDs. Of course. No one from the future's gonna know how to screw in a lightbulb. [UNstudio via Dezeen]

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