Icelandic Heroes, To Carry The Weight Of The Country's Electricity

When I was a kid and travelled up to the big city, my sister and I would point out the car window and cry "dinosaurs" when pylons appeared on the hills. In this Icelandic dreamland, kids would shout "people!"

Or maybe start singing The Village People's YMCA.

Every year, Iceland's pylon design competition turns up some stunners. This particular entry, created by Choi+Shine in Brookline, Massachusetts, took inspiration from human life - as evidenced by the large male and female figures dotted around the imaginary landscapes.

While they're unlikely to be constructed in Iceland any time soon, the designers came up with half a dozen poses for the 45m-tall figurines, which could be used depending on the load of wires or height needed. Incidentally, in Australia pylons are often referred to as "ironmen" - perhaps the land Down Under can commission Choi+Shine to build these figurines for them, considering Iceland didn't select this design as the winner in the 2008 competition. [Bustler - Thanks, Gary!]

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