I Want These Guys To Take Us To Mars

Romain Charles, Sukhrob Kamolov, Yue Wang, Diego Urbina, Alexandr Smoleevskiy and Alexey Sitev. Remember these names, because nobody is going to remember when other people go to Mars instead of them. However, they are crucial to humanity's next odyssey.

They are the crew of the Mars 500, the Big Brotheresque project that is testing the endurance of people in closed environments for long periods of time. They are now simulating a trip to Mars in a place that roughly simulates a spacecraft, in which they will live for 520 days.

So far, the most recent pictures and data shows that everything is going well:

Clearly, these guys are not Neil and Buzz. Still, I wish Ricky Gervais got them all for a fictional TV series about humans' first trip to the Red Planet. [Mars 500 and ESA via Motherboard]

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