How To: Watch Xvid Videos Natively On Your iPad

How To: Watch Xvid Videos Natively On Your iPad

The iPad’s potential as a personal video device is handicapped pretty severely by the limited file formats it supports. CineXPlayer, the latest app to sneak past the App Store approval squad, helpfully plays Xvid videos with zero conversion required.

Just like last week’s ill-fated MiTube, CineXPlayer’s stay in the App Store will likely be a brief one, so you should grab it now before it gets yanked.

But when you do have it, CineXPlayer lets you drop AVI videos encoded with the Xvid codec right onto your iPad via iTunes File Sharing, where they can be played back instantly without conversion. Of the handful of videos I tried, CineXPlayer faltered on a few, but the majority looked great and played without issue.

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The developers say they endeavour to support most popular formats, though I doubt they'll get the chance. But for however long it says available, CineXPlayer's a refreshing reminder of how easy media playback on the iPad can and should be. [iTunes - Thanks Mohammed-Ashiq]