How To Make Justin Bieber Sound Incredible

You totally hate Justin Bieber, right, because you're a rebel or whatever? That's just because you haven't listened to Bieber slowed down 800 per cent. Now his new single "U Smile" is a 30-minute epic. And it sounds awesome. No, really.

Courtesy of musician Nick Pittsinger, using the free program Paulstretch, this is "U Smile" made slower. Like, a lot slower - eight times slower to be exact. And all of a sudden the not-bad piano pop track sounds like the climactic score to some kind of historical epic or Dead Can Dance, or, like, Animal Collective or something. It sounds like the ocean, but, like, in heaven, man. Plus, it's 35 minutes long:

Someone needs to get that on Pure Moods V. You can download it here, for the next time you're super stoned and don't have the Gladiator soundtrack with you.

And here's the original, for comparison:

Update: Just to be clear: This is not a hoax! Some of you have been emailing to say that this is actually a track named "Echoes Across the Astral Wasteland" by a band called Photon Wave Orchestra. Well, it's not - speed up the track eightfold and you'll hear "U Smile" (really, you can hear the chords and lyrics to "U Smile" if you listen to the slowed-down track). And check the "released" date on Photon Wave Orcestra's site. I guess it's a counter-hoax? But either way: This is 35 epic minutes of Justin Bieber.

Update 2: You can listen Photon Wave Orchestra's track sped-up here.

[Hat tip to Big Hoos]

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    actually very good...

    it still sounds like shit to me

    Wow. I'm surprised... I'd like to see these effects used dynamically in a game! That'd be wicked!

    its getting him to STFU thats the trick...

    Does anyone else find it ironic that the key to making Justin Bieber enjoyable to listen to is by spending more time listening to him?

    sounds like the soundtrack to a film like Baraka or Koyaanisqatsi

    Parts of this remind me of the soundtrack to the TV Show Heroes (RIP)

    Words... cannot... describe.

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