Hot Or Not Now Has An iPhone App For Meeting Those People

Nostalgia's certainly getting a thorough kicking today, as iPhone users can now download the Hot Or Not app to "map out hotties close to you". Kind of like Grindr, the location-based dating service, only for people of all sexualities.

You'll remember of course, the Hot Or Not website from yesteryear, and maybe even the Hot Or Not iPhone app from a few months back, which lets you rate various "hotties".

While the app is free for most of the features, there's an in-app upgrade for purchasing a three-month subscription to the service - which costs £30 ($52). I'm not sure whether ratings and virtual gifts are a worthy reason to spend the extra cash, but if you're just looking for an app that lets you meet singles in your area, the free version should be good enough.

The calibre of the people using the app, on the other hand... [iTunes via Recombu]

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