Hipmunk Is A Fantastic, Surprisingly Usable Flight Search Site

Website Hipmunk re-imagines flight search, translating the information you're most interested in to a user-friendly chart of possible flights.

Most popular flight search engines are cluttered, full of text and difficult to understand at a glance. Hipmunk takes the most important flight information you'd get at any flight search engine - travel time, layovers, price - and organises it into an actually useful visual (rather than all-text) interface. (It's sort of like a Gantt chart for flights.) Click on any flight for a closer look at the full details.

You can still sort results by price, number of stops, departure/arrival time and duration, but you also get an extra search category called agony. What's "agony" entail, you ask? Hipmunk's co-founder Adam Goldstein explains that agony is:

..a combined function of price, duration, and number of stops - basically the total agony you'll experience in your butt and your savings.

If you've always dreaded searching for a flight because you don't enjoy deciphering your results, Hipmunk is a refreshingly clear alternative.


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