High-Tech Water Bottle Uses UV Light To Sterilise Water

An English graduate has won this year's James Dyson Award, which is a coveted design award in the UK. Taking on the noble challenge of finding a cure for water sterilisation, Timothy Whitehead's bottle cleans water in just two minutes flat.

It's a faster, tastier way to clean water than using chlorine and iodine tablets, with a UV light bulb contained in the "Pure" water bottle using its power to zap water for 90 seconds, after its gone through a series of chambers which act as a filtering process. Whitehead was able to prove to the judges that his working prototype sterilises 99.9 per cent of bacteria in water. With any luck it'll make its way onto the production line, but first it must battle its way through the international leg of the Dyson Awards. [James Dyson Award]

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