Here's Why That Galaxy Tab Teaser Might Have Looked Familiar

So, that Galaxy Tab teaser video from yesterday was pretty great! But if bits of it caused a little deja vu, it could be because the interface seems to take more than a few cues from the iPad.

The Gadgets has a full breakdown of perceived similarities, some of which are fairer than others. Exhibit A above, for instance, doesn't strike me as particularly noteworthy. Both have app icons. Big whoop.

When you get into a bit more detail, though, the similarities are more striking. Here are their native email apps side by side:

And their keyboards:

And so on.

But even if this is imitation, who says that's a bad thing? If anything, Swype on a tablet will be a major improvement over the iPad's keyboard. And the iPad does email well! Why introduce an inferior solution just to say you were different?

Even if the Galaxy Tab and iPad interfaces really are that similar, there's plenty enough to distinguish the two. A camera, for one, which means video chat. It's doubtful the displays will be the same, especially since Samsung's committed to Super AMOLED for all of their other Galaxy S products (though it's not certain whether it will show up here). And all the inherent differences that come from being iOS versus Android.

So yes, it's a familiar interface - but in all the right ways. [The Gadgets]

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