Hawk Eye RC Chopper: Your $US65 Spy Drone

Flying an RC helicopter? Sure, that's fun for a little while. Flying an RC helicopter that can take both video and still photos? That's good for a lifetime of creepy stalking memories.

The Air Hogs Hawk Eye RC chopper will be coming out sometime this spring, and while the length and quality of the video it shoots - up to five minutes at 320×240 - might be lacking, it's still pretty incredible for the $US65 price tag. You can also take a few hundred 620x480 still photos. All the files can be transferred from the Hawk Eye to your computer with a simple USB cord. But does it work?

Pretty definitive yes. Look out, world! You've got a few more months to make sure your window blinds shut extra tight. [CNBC via OhGizmo! ]

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