Happy Birthday, Gizmodo

Can you believe Gizmodo is eight years old?

Gizmodo AU is not quite that old, but any excuse for a celebration! -EH

If you were one of the folks that visited the Gizmodo back on August 2, 2002, this is what you would have seen.

Not so similar to the Giz of today, but it was alive. And a short 80 per cent of a decade later, here we are. If you wanted to see how we evolved, play around with the Archive.org links below.

Think about what you were doing in 2002, and what you were doing it with. What I mean is, think of the computers, the phones and the other electronics you were using. Compare that to where you are now. In a sense, that's how far Giz has come too.

Thanks very much readers. We couldn't have gotten here without you. See you in another eight years. (Or rather, two, since we're bound to do something special for our 10-year anniversary.) [Archive.org]

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