Google Returns Personal Data-Collecting Wallpaper App To Android Market

After security company Lookout revealed one million people's personal details were at risk after downloading an Android wallpaper app, Google has done its own investigation and decided Jackeey Wallpaper wasn't actually causing any harm to users.

The app has been returned to the Android Market, and while we knew last week that the app wasn't actually mining SMS and browsing history details nor the voicemail password, it was still accessing the phone number, subscriber info and voicemail number for the user's phone.

However, after looking into the situation, Google found that the information was only being accessed for richer preferences and helping Jackeey Wallpaper identify users and recommend other apps. That didn't stop the big G from suggesting they go about their business in another, safer way, despite it being entirely possible to collect user information thanks to the way Android's download system works. Not to mention the fact that when users were downloading the apps, they were told that information was being collected on them. [PC World]

Image credit: Mark Knol

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