Goddamnit, Now I Want To Work At Twitter

Any company that produces a Rushmore parody video as a recruitment tool instantly gets put on my list of Amazing Places To Work At. Google hasn't done a Wes Anderson video to my knowledge, but obviously the cafeteria compensates there.

In the marketing video, viewers are invited to "Meet the Class of Twitter HQ", and there's a surprising amount of them to meet. Anyone who thought Twitter was just a couple of geeks sitting in a windowless office, pushing code, will be severely mistaken.

We don't normally post job offerings for other companies, but Twitter's seeking designers, engineers and a HR director and recruiter. If you got all the puns and jokes in that video and are proficient in the above job descriptions, then I guess you should get in touch with them. [@jointheflock via ReadWriteWeb]

Twitter's recruiting video:

A snippet from Wes Anderson's Rushmore, which Twitter based their video on:

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