Goatee-Bearded Evil 'You' Could Be Detected By Spectrometer

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is a new attachment that'll soon be bolted onto the International Space Station. It's mission - to detect dark matter and possibly uncover the "anti universe" as made famous by decades of bad sci-fi.

The main mission of the AMS, which has been in development for some 20 years, is to track down the mystery "dark matter" that accounts for the vast majority of stuff in the universe. MIT professor Samuel Ting, 73, said of his project "If there is an anti-universe, perhaps out there beyond the edge of our universe, our space-based detector may well be able to bring us signs of its existence".

The AMS will be delivered to the ISS early next year, as part of the payload of space shuttle mission STS-134 - the shuttle's final flight. [Reuters]

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