GE's Visible You Is Kinect For Your Skeleton

With everyone hemming and hawing about airport scanners being a huge invasion of privacy, GE decided to put the fun back in showing your guts to the world. Their interactive Visible You installation lets you see your insides in action.

OK, they're not necessarily your insides - the display shows detailed models, one for men and one for women, that are readjusted to a visitor's height when they step up to the booth. But the effect is the same: watching your beneath-the-skin movements tracked in life size HD. In addition to all those bones, visitors of the Shanghai Expo, where Visible You is installed, can see their muscles flex and their nervous and cardiovascular systems in action.

A.C. Slater, who makes a brief video in the cameo above, seemed most interested in the muscles part. [CNET

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