Fujifilm's Instax Mini50S Cheki Is A Cute Polaroid Alternative

Now that we know Polaroid's reissued film is pricier than a three-course meal, it's time to look at alternatives. FujiFilm's been doing a fine line in instant cameras, and their upcoming Instax mini50S Cheki looks suitably teensy for pockets.

It uses Fujifilm's Instax Color Film, which is about $US16 for 20 photos' worth. A small screen (measuring 2.4 x 1.8 inches) lets you view photos on the dinky camera, which it itself measures 4.4 x 3.8x 1.9 inches. The focus is 0.6mm to 3m, and it can take close-ups up to 11.8 inches.

Two CR-2 batteries are needed to power the mini50S Cheki, which has a self-timer mode and flash.

It looks like it's just a Japan-only release for now, but JapanTrends has put up a $US220 price tag for export, when it goes on sale on September 4. [JapanTrends]

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