Freakish Spermbot Could Be The Future Of Japanese Communication

Telenoid R1, the robot brainchild of designer Hiroshi Ishiguro, is what I imagine it would look like if Casper the Friendly Ghost got lucky with a sperm. It could also be the future of communication in Japan.

The 5kg robot's arm stubs, flagella tail, eyes, mouth and limbs all move in tune with the user, courtesy of nine actuators contained within. And yes, the androgyny is on purpose because it theoretically allows both male and female users to use it to scare relatives and friends with equal ease.

And just how much does pure, androgynous terror cost? A cool $US35,000, which sadly does not include the cost of therapy. A cheaper, although no less terrifying talking scarecrow version covered with cloth instead of silicone is expected to sell for $US8,000 sometime in 2011.

Not keen on sleeping anytime soon? Watch the video:

Yikes. [Plastic Pals]

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