Foxconn's Latest Suicide Prevention Attempt? Hiring Older, Healthier Workers

They've tried putting up safety nets, scrapping the suicide compensation and bringing in an external dorm management company, but nothing's stopped the trickle of suicides at their factories. Now Foxconn thinks hiring more mature workers will solve their problems.

After two types of anti-psychotic drugs were found in the 22-year-old worker's dorm last week after she jumped to her death, it's said Foxconn is going to get tougher on its hiring.

Exams to turn up any hidden mental health issues will be undertaken on each new recruit, and of the 15,000 new employees they wish to hire before the end of the year, they're reportedly seeking more "mature" workers - presumably as they might have more to live for? They're not going to be any better on the production line. [Digitimes]

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