Fight The Filter: The Summary

There are only two more sleeps until we all hunch over our cardboard cubicles and scrawl numbers on a sheet of paper to determine who will lead the country for the next few years. And while the internet filter may not be as big a concern given the Coalition's position on blocking any filter legislation, it's still part of Labor's policy and something you'll need to think about as you head to the polls. If you need a refresher of why internet filtering is a bad idea, look no further:

Remember Gizmodians - even though the Libs and Greens have promised to block the filter legislation in the Senate, that doesn't mean you should be complacent. Your vote matters when you head to the polls on Saturday - make sure you really think about where your numbers go, especially in the Senate.

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    I am afraid to say that Tony Abbott has pulled the wool over so many people eyes that it might be too late, Technology might be a big factor for us but for the majority of voters they dont understand the difference between labors and Liberals broadband policies and dont know libs plan wont work. This country will be FUCKED if abbott and his clan of clueless cronies gets into power, Whos to say in 5 - 10 years that ADSL2+ will become the dial up of today and when dial up was avaliable there was no such this as youtube or video on demand, and whos to say what the future holds, the NBN adresses this but the liberals being the tight arses they are cant see this.

    @Luke Do you think a government that wants to filter the internet should OWN all of our main infrastructure? Really does not sound like a good idea to me. I WANT SO BAD to have fibre connections but you can not place that in the hands of Labour..

      NBN Co. is wholesale company, with infrastructure that will be 49% privately owned. The fact that a filter might exist, is a completely unrelated. Do you honestly expect Abbott and Co. to do the right regarding censorship and classification?

    Please vote below the line in Victoria for the senate and put Stephen Conroy DEAD LAST.

    That will send a message that we don't want a filter loud and clear!

    Since the filter is dead anyway (e.g. there is no point in letting your opinion re. this policy influence your vote.

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