Farting Camels, Pigs Targeted By Australian Environmental Group

If they're not culling kangaroos, they're wanting to kill off farting camels, pigs and water buffalo - there's just no pleasing those Orrstrayans. The Australian environmental group views these methane gas-expelling creatures as harmful to the ozone layer.

It's understandable that the group wishes to do something about the carbon dioxide, considering the size of the hole in the southern hemisphere's ozone layer, but killing off thousands of farting animals? It just sounds like a publicity stunt no one plans on actually following through on.

The group's studies have found that one camel expels the equivalent of a ton of CO2 each year, not to mention damaging the country's soil and gobbling up all the grass and plants. Pretty selfish, right? [TG Daily]

Image Credit: Angeloux

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